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Window Seat, hosted by The Adams Morgan Youth Leadership Academy, highlights the successes of premier business & community leaders in order to bridge the gap of awareness and access to promote upward mobility. By interviewing leaders within our community we aspire to inspire future generations with limited access to greater opportunities.

This show records and broadcasts LIVE on Full Service Radio from the lobby of the LINE DC in Adams Morgan, Washington DC.

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    Adedayo Kosoko

    he legendary photographer sits with us and talks about how he put together his first showcase to present his latest creation, "Moon Melanin". A photo series that touches on the relationship between melanated people and the moonlight that illuminates us.

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    Matthew C. Horne

    The motivational speaker, author and President of Optimum Success International, a speaking and publishing company, joins the show to talk about how he learned that nothing is beyond your grasp in life if you have the audacity to go after it.

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    How Rome Green Jr. and His Friends Built a Comedy Empire

    In 2009, Rome Green Jr. and his college friends were making videos for fun in Atlanta with the goal of becoming professional entertainers. Now, he and those same friends are the creators of the comedy collective Dormtainment - which has an audience of more than 1.1 million subscribers on YouTube and a number of high profile projects on the horizon. Hosts Chris Price and Omari Francis chat with Rome about his rise to fame, humble beginnings, and what he does to maintain his success.

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    The host of Midday Shenanigans on WPGC 95.5 talks openly about the traumatic experiences she's overcome, including growing up in foster care, homelessness and sexual assault. Poet explains why she uses those experiences and her platform to encourage, inform and inspire her Village.

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    Chris and Omari

    Chris and Omari talk about the frustrations of growing as a team doing something they love.

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    Jason Akinrolabu

    The owner of an international Database Institute, Neway IT Solutions, talks about the inspiration that led to him teaching his first class and how he grew into a multi-million dollar company. Jason also expressed some views about race that got the whole studio hyped!

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    Hart's Desires: Erotic Boutiques with Shani Hart

    The intimacy, pleasure and relationship strategist is a co-owner of Hart’s Desires, a chain of erotic boutiques in the Washington, DC and Maryland area. Shani uses her boutiques as the launching pad for her educational platform which focuses on women and sexuality, sexual health and wellness, and liberated sensuality. Shani is proud to be a resident sex guru by experience and education. She isn't afraid to share that most of her learning comes from having a lot of sex; while, her knowledge comes from formal education. She is an ISEE trained sex educator, speaker, and sexuality coach. Shani hopes to help women remove the shame and guilt surrounding their sexual desires and needs. She loves sharing her spicy sex tips, tricks, and resources with those who are ready to listen and learn while having fun.

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    Malik DOPE Drummer

    The percussionist talks about how he built his DOPE (Definition of Percussion Entertainment) brand by living by his own rules and doing what he loves. Malik details how he grew from a street performer in DC's Chinatown neighborhood to performing for Erykah Badu and with Swizz Beatz.

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    ANGIE ANGE, your Royal Hypeness, the first lady of DC radio blessed the full service studio and dropped more than a few gems right here on the Window Seat podcast!

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    Meteorologist Somara Theodore

    The Emmy award winning meteorologist discusses her love of the atmospheric sciences, her Trinidadian culture and she also shares with us her Jay-Z story!

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    Dontrell Britton aka Trell The Trainer

    CEO and Founder of twenty3n1, Dontrell Britton grew up in Adams Morgan as a native Washingtonian. He has always been passionate about sports, competition, and fitness. As a young adult Dontrell was involved in some criminal activity which led him to prison. While serving a 5 year sentence, Dontrell was not only thoroughly rehabilitated but also discovered new, and innovative workouts that dramatically transformed his physique. It wasn't long before "Trell The Trainer" was born! He began teaching these same techniques that helped hundreds of inmates to get ripped. Released in 2015 on good behavior, Trell The Trainer continued to pursue his passion for training launching his company in the summer of 2016. Since then "Trell The Trainer" has helped a 1,000+ clients to get in shape and hires returning citizens as trainers to teach his signature class "23/1'. Trell The Trainer has been featured on ABC's Channel 8 , Fox 5 DC, Essence Magazine, Washingtonian Magazine and a list other local public! ations. He Also includes Celebrities such as Pusha T and Shy Glizzy as clients. His objective is to motivate and inspire his peers and community to embrace fitness and wellness as a way of life.

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    Nigel Okunubi: The Adams Morgan Youth Leadership Academy (AMYLA)

    Nigel Okunubi - A native Washingtonian and founder of AMYLA (uh-my-luh) formerly known as the Adams Morgan Youth Leadership Academy which serves the youth of the Adams Morgan community where Nigel was raised. Nigel has worked as a service provider and consult for several reputable local and national organizations, often assisting with strategic planning, program development, improving economic opportunities and identifying sustainable community partnerships. Including being a central figure in bringing The Line Hotel to Adams Morgan where AMYLA's headquarters are now located.

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    Astrology with DJ Krisis

    Chris is joined by DJ Krisis for a conversation on Astrology. Follow him at @globalkrisis on Instagram.

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    Slowing Down and Staying Mindful with Rashid Hughes

    Rashid Hughes is a Mindfulness Teacher and Coach. He is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of the Institute of African American Mindfulness (IAAM). IAAM is a D.C. based non-profit that provides community-based programs dedicated to providing opportunities for African Americans and People Of Color to practice living mindfully and in community. Rashid believes that all beings, without exception, are fundamentally good and whole.

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    Arlanza "AJ" Lewis II

    Veteran and Dual Licensed Barber Arlanza "AJ" Lewis II discusses his life, PTSD, sexuality and many other topics in this intimate conversation.

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    How To Build Your Credit

    Today's guest on Window Seat is Secunda Robertson - CFO of The Rokewood Group, a financial management services company that provides education services on how to manage your money your credit and your overall lifestyle by promoting financial Health and education. Contact her at

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    Sam Buggs

    Sam served 25 years in prison and is currently doing GREAT work at Christ House and with young people in the community. Not much he hasn't seen but more importantly not much he wouldn't give to impact the lives of others. Powerful elder in the community.

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    Catharsis on the Mall: Waking from the American Dream

    Catharsis on the Mall was initiated and originally organized by a group of individuals in Washington, DC, acting in accordance with Burning Man’s ten principles. We are not formally affiliated with Burning Man, although many of our contributors identify with the Burning Man community at large. We sought a local experience that integrated the best of our burner values with the immediate desire for political and cultural change that brings people to DC

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    The Ragbaby Exchange

    The Ragbaby Exchange was founded by Sherri Lumpkin. The purpose is to create a safe and warm environment that encourages participants to use doll making as a tool for self-reflection. The Ragbaby Exchange also has an international component where ragdolls made by volunteers are sent overseas to young children who don’t have access to dolls.

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    Betty Aldworth, Executive Director of Students For Sensible Drug Policy

    Betty Aldworth joined the SSDP team in February 2014 as Executive Director and has since led the organization through its most substantial growth: the member base and campuses on which SSDP is present have doubled; staff and offices supporting those members have tripled; global presence has quadrupled; and as a result the policy change and education efforts members are leading have grown immeasurably.

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    Healing from Domestic Abuse

    Tune in for a powerful conversation about healing from domestic abuse with Iya Ifanika Omowale, Amtyah Asili & Krystal Glenn.

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    Victor Kidd

    Chris & Omari are joined by Dr. Victor Kidd. They discuss a wide variety of topics including family, health and mental well being.

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    Book Reviews

    This week on Window Seat, Chris and Omari discuss some of their favorite books and podcasts.

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    Mindfullness with Rashid Hughes

    Rashid is a dedicated Mindfulness Facilitator and Trauma Tapper who is committed to empowering individuals in underserved communities in Washington DC.

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    Season 1 Recap

    Omari, Chris & Jack the Producer recap Season 1 of Window Seat.

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    Season 1: Kimberly Pendleton

    Kimberly Pendleton, Women’s Empowerment Coach & Women’s Studies Professor, is this week's guest on Window Seat.

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    Season 1: Ciscero

    DMV rapper Ciscero drops by Window Seat to talk about music, spirituality and his career goals.

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    Season 1: Women's History Month - Male Allies

    Nil Irvin, Mario Sacase & Daniel Blackman join this week's episode of Window Seat to talk about how men can do a better job in affecting women's rights.

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    Season 1: Donald Stevenson

    Donald Stevenson has worked to serve and uplift his community for over 10 years. He's this week's guest on Window Seat.

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    Season 1: Women's History Month Panel with Maimouna Youssef & friends

    Tune in this week as Maimouna Youssef hosts a special Women's History Month conversation with Ra Brown, Poet and Author of "The Alpha Woman's Bibel", Jay Mills, Rapper and licensed DC cannabis grower & Ayana Gregory, Singer/Songwriter, activst and daughter of the late, great Dick Gregory.

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    Season 1: Love with Forever Duncan with Maimouna Youssef

    Learn about love with the Duncans this week on Window Seat. Alfred Duncan is a Grammy and Emmy-nominated artist & Sherrell Duncan is a certified fitness trainer and speaker. The two were introduced by a mutual friend in 2007 at a nightclub in Washington, DC. The rest is history.

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    Season 1: From Us To You (FUTU)

    Do you drive with both hands on the wheel? Do you stay off social media? Do you not have any childhood friends. You might not be trusted! Tune in to Window Seat and hear more.

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    Season 1: Blockchain & Bitcoin with Obi Ukaegbu, CFO of OWO World

    Learn more about blockchain and bitcoin this week on Window Seat. Guest Obi Ukaegbu, CFO of OWO World, has a Diverse background in product & competitive strategy, financial & technical analysis / support, and product development roles in fintech, E-Commerce/start-ups and financial services with Fortune 500 clients in New York City, Washington DC, and Paris.

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    Season 1 Debut Episode: Maimouna Youssef

    Welcome to Window Seat, a program presented by the Adams Morgan Youth Leadership Academy. On the first episode, singer/performer Maimouna Youssef hosts an in-depth conversation about home schooling and parenting.

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